Something a beginner might not think much about is what to wear while sailing. The first thing to remember is that the weather is not the same on the water as it is on land. Your clothing must also be appropriate for the weather now and later in the day. […]

What should I wear?

Etap 23
A short video of our recent sail on the Chesapeake Bay on an Etap 23. 4.5 foot waves, 15-20 knots of wind, and a little current pushed our speed into the high 7 knots!!! It was a blast to be on the water that day and I look forward to […]

Recent Sailing on the Chesapeake Bay

Schooner Rigged Type of Sailboat
  There are many different kinds of sailboats. Below are a few simple descriptions and some pictures of a few different kinds of sailboats that you may encounter on the water. Cat Rig:   This catboat rig is a traditional gaff-headed configuration. It has a very large sail on a […]

Kinds of Sailboats

“Bumfuzzle – Just Out Looking For Pirates” is a great book for the beginning sailor to get an idea of what it would be like to sail around the world. When I first got the idea that I wanted to learn to sail, I jumped on Amazon and found this […]

Bumfuzzle – Just Out Looking For Pirates

Weather Vane
Apparent wind and True Wind are terms that I heard a lot about when I was first learning to sail. I thought there was just wind, but I quickly found out that there are several terms for wind. These two particular terms are related to each other, so I thought […]

Apparent wind vs True wind

How a Sailboat Sails
In this post we are going to talk about how a sailboat sails. It is pretty clear how a sail works when sailing downwind, like a parachute, but upwind might be harder to understand. There are a lot of similarities in how a sail works and how an airplane wing […]

How a Sailboat Sails

Points of Sail 2
The points of sail are very important to any sailor, but can be a little confusing to the novice sailor. In this posting we will go over each point of sail in detail and explain what it means to you when you are sailing. Basic Sailing Zones To start off […]

Points of Sail

Stern of Sailboat 5
Sailing is a sport that has a lot of terms that may sound like a foreign language. Port, Starboard, beam, stern, bow, etc. Some of these terms, you might have heard of before, but many of them will be new to you. Below are some of the most basic parts […]

Parts of a Sailboat

Where can you find a place that you would consider “unknown”? You could drive to some remote places in America, maybe even go to another country, but every place will not have an “unknown” feel to it. Well, maybe some deeply remote place up in the mountains…..But truthfully, most places in […]

What sailing means to me