What sailing means to me

Where can you find a place that you would consider “unknown”? Footprints in the sandYou could drive to some remote places in America, maybe even go to another country, but every place will not have an “unknown” feel to it. Well, maybe some deeply remote place up in the mountains…..But truthfully, most places in America, that draw people to them, are very touristy. As a society, we have gotten to the point that every place that is unique is now also a tourist trap. It is really sad that we try to make a buck from everything that is beautiful or unique, but that is kind of how Capitalism works.


My thoughts about sailing are that it is probably one of the last ways to truly see unique and “non-tourist trap” places in the world. Places that are still unscathed by people trying to make a buck from their uniqueness. Did you know that there are still places in the world that are only accessible by boat? Places where the only inhabitants are the descendants of the original tribes that lived there thousands of years ago? Where people still do things the way that they have been done for centuries? Places completely untouched by money and greed? Places where they treat visitors just like they treat family? I have read stories about these islands in the South Seas, but it still seems like a myth to me. Yet these stories are what have drawn me to sailing. Drawn by that force within me that is sometimes uncontrollable.

Sailboat in the windSailing, by definition, is living with nature. Wind is the motor for your ship. You go nowhere without nature providing the lift needed for your sails. At the same time, you are battling nature, trying to bend the winds to move the boat in the direction that you want to go, not the direction that the wind wants to blow you. You battle and fight, but with such elegance, like a well-choreographed dance. The only difference is that the wind never tires, never sleeps, never gives up.

This is what draws me to sailing. This dance with nature. This ability to point your ship in the direction of a foreign land and just go!! I am not sure that there is a less expensive way to see the world than to do it by sailboat! Even if I never get to see the world by sailboat, I do get to spend many days enjoying the wind and the water and have good times with friends. What more could you ask for in life!

What does sailing mean to you? Leave a comment below and tell us about what sailing means to you and how you got into sailing!


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