Bumfuzzle – Just Out Looking For Pirates

“Bumfuzzle – Just Out Looking For Pirates” is a great book for the beginning sailor to get an idea of what it would be like to sail around the world.

When I first got the idea that I wanted to learn to sail, I jumped on Amazon and found this book immediately. It sounded like a decent read, so I purchased it and devoured it in just a few days time. This book is all about a young couple that decides, on a whim, that they wanted to sail around the world. They take off with no experience and document the whole multi-year trip.

Pat recorded the entire trip on his blog, then he created this book based on those blog entries. It is a pretty detailed account of the trip and he tells it like they saw it, the good, the bad and the boring. I say boring because there were many times that he said it was just boring. Not to say that the book was boring, as I thought it was great for a novice sailor. One thing to note is that they did this trip in a catamaran and they did it with a lot of money in the bank. They are not rich, but Pat made a lot of money in the stock market and it allowed them to make this trip without the need to work.

As they journeyed around the world, they ran into a lot of other cruisers who they did not seem to like. Pat and Ali ruffled a few feathers by taking this trip and doing it on their own terms. Regardless of who liked it and who did not, they did it and they had fun doing it.

I would recommend this to anyone just getting into sailing. If you have experience sailing, you might not like this book as it does not get into a lot of the details of the sailing part, but more about the adventure of it all.

Have you read this book? If so, what did you think? Leave a comment about this book below, if you have read it, or just have more questions about it.


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